10 Things I’m Excited about RIGHT NOW

1. My upcoming vacation. Although I’m not thrilled to be starting it in Disneyland, the people watching can’t be beat. The outfit choices, fanny packs and fighting families entertain me. I also really like churros and funnel cake.

Yes I can!

2. So You Think You Can Dance. I love that show. Every week I watch and judge the contestants as if I’m on the panel. Sometimes, I get up and do my own hip-hop, contemporary or Irish routines. Though I’m not trained in any of these styles (and the show doesn’t even feature Irish dancing),  my roommate enjoys these spastic outbursts which can only mean I’m talented enough to try out.

3. The revival of book club. I haven’t read a book since our last choice in…May? I can feel myself getting stupider.

4. Professional seminars/workshops. I’ve taken several recently including a very informative session with Donna Fedor. That lady motivates AND offers great career advice.

5. Clean sheets. I washed them last night. They smell good.

6. Breakfast. I just ate cottage cheese with fresh peaches and plums. Delicious and nutritious!


7. Cinnabon. I’ve been thinking about it a lot the last few minutes, and I really want one. Plus, since I ate such a healthful breakfast, I don’t see why I shouldn’t have a treat.

8. Mail. According to Gmail, I can expect my next movie from Netflix today! Even though I know exactly which movie I will receive, opening that red envelope just thrills me. Then I’ll let it sit on the entertainment center for like two weeks before watching it.

9. Depositing checks. Someone needs to pay her Visa bill. Badly.


10.  Tassi. This could easily be a RAWC&A topic except that it’s awesome! You put it over your head and use it like a headband to wash your face. Wait…there’s more. The bottom of the band is thicker, so you can tuck all of your hair into it. So much fun! I wear it around during the face process (washing, toning, moisturizing, seruming, etc.) and to put on make-up. It’s like my own head kangaroo pouch. That’s really weird, but you know what I mean.



One Response to 10 Things I’m Excited about RIGHT NOW

  1. Courtney says:

    Clean sheets are one of my favorite things. I think you definetely deserve Cinnabon after such a healthy breakfast!

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