…about summer fashion trends

Ashley shared her favorite trends with you. She is a more positive person than I. (She has the blonde hair and I have the dark hair. It’s a role we were born into) Instead of things I love, I am bringing you…

The summer 2011 fashion trends that will seem like a mistake when you look at pictures five years from now

1. Pattern “matching”

She looks good, but that is because she is a gorgeous model. You are not.

2. Stripper Shoes

Specifically, stripper shoes from 1970

3. Short shorts

And she threw in some stripper shoes for good luck.

Did you tell Ashley your favorite trend? Share your least favorite with me.


5 Responses to …about summer fashion trends

  1. MM Mim says:

    Excessive flesh exhibition in the Library. I won’t show me mine if you won’t show me yours. Thank you.

  2. MM Mim says:

    That is, I won’t show YOU mine if you won’t show me yours. (excess flesh, that is)

  3. I’m not really blonde.

    Short shorts are hard enough to wear, but those ones hit at exactly the worst spot possible. Sometimes I think designers are just laughing at us.

  4. bethG says:

    I hate the short short cutoffs, where the pockets are showing out the bottoms. Hello, if your pockets are longer than the legs of the shorts= problem

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