…about acronyms


I had very little to say about acronyms so here is some brain excrement

When thinking about this topic my brain kept replacing “acronyms” with “anagrams.”

There is a big difference.

Anagrams are word puzzles in which you rearrange the letter of a word to spell other words. For example “dog “is famously “god” backwards (and vice versa). Equally famous is the anagram “robeth” for “bethro.”

But this post is about acronyms. Acronyms are the shortening of a phrase using the first letter of each word of that phrase. As Ashley pointed out Monday, the phrase “LOL” means “Laughing Out Loud” and is usually misused. If I were to try to describe the real meaning of “LOL” as it is commonly used, it might translate instead to “Oh, yeah? I have nothing interesting to say to that” and sometimes “end sentence.”

The acronyms I have encountered the most are those related to jobs. Corporate America is fond of insider acronyms that take the place of real communication. At a former employer – the one that united Ashley and me – a full sentence might be “Did you submit the JDE request for the ISBN so we can have the PSR in time for the PSR?”

How cool did that sound?

Not very, huh?

And that’s what I think of acronyms.



7 Responses to …about acronyms

  1. bethro says:

    I’m not sure what your PSIs are but I have two (presumably different) ones on my radar regularly.
    ❤ Phil (who doesn't like the logout button)’
    And now that the post is fixed my comment is stupid (like my face). Also I thought of a third PSI. And Bethro has a 4th.

    • None of this makes sense to me. What is a PSI?

      • bethro says:

        (This is really Beth)
        At first I got PSR confused with PSI, which was an acronym I had to know at BN. It also means pounds per square inch. Phil was responding to my first version which had “PSI” in it.
        Also both of us were coming off a looooong day yesterday so we were very very tired.

  2. Sigh. I do not miss those acronyms AT ALL.

  3. MM Mim says:

    In the Library we use the OPAC to look up the LC number of the books because they mean so much more to us than the ISBN or the ISBN13 ever could.You probably didn’t know this because you don’t have an MLS so you can’t work in a CC library or belong to ALA or do ILI instruction.

  4. Yeah. I don’t miss the 1970’s system that is JDE. Or the more “modern” IPS. Or sitting through PSRs or pulling info from CRMS. Just thinking about it again gives me IBS. 🙂

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