…about WhatsYourPrice.com

Buckle up friends; this is going to be a bumpy ride. Scathing commentary below.

According the company’s website, “WhatsYourPrice.com is an online dating website and marketplace where users can buy or sell the opportunity of going out on a first date.” Users are separated into two categories: generous or attractive. The Generous search the site for Attractives who they would like to “date.” They make a monetary offer and the Attractive accepts, rejects or bargains for more.

Here’s an example of a “Generous:”

If you really had money, you would invest in Photoshop instead of a Bic.

  • Occupation: Entrepreneur – unemployed
  • Net Worth: $1 million – $5 million – includes his wife’s real estate investments and life insurance plan
  • Relationship Status: Married But Looking – this is not viable, you are an asshole and deserve to die
  • Friendship / Activity Partner – sex buddy
  • Long Term Relationship / Marriage Minded – because with you, he won’t stray
  • Mutually Beneficial Arrangements (Sugar Daddy / Sugar Baby) – mid-life crisis
  • Married Dating / Discreet Affair – lying philanderer
  • Adult Dating – Casual / Intimate Encounter – one night stand
And an “Attractive:”

I chose one of her more demure pictures.

How does Melissa describe herself? “My interests lets see. Well id have to say I love clothes I love coats there adorable, I love fur on them, Im a huge animal lover [I gather she loves to kill animals to make fur coats], I love great wines, dining, traveling good personalities great positive attitudes, hearing great people talk like mentors, Im very open minded, trustworthy, social, discrete, devoted, determined.”

She continues that her ideal date is, “Someone who even gives you gas money, takes you to a nice restaurant gets great wine and has great chemistry with you.” And, she’s “willing to travel” to find that perfect match!

Readers, I hardly know what to say. I didn’t even pick the most depraved profiles to share. At first, I found the whole site hilarious. People do this? Really? Then, I felt sick when I realized that, yes, people REALLY do this. What is going on? And, am I the only one who wants it to stop?

I understand that dating and finding the right person can be difficult. If you’re married like El Douche above, it’s more than difficult…it’s wrong, pathetic and karmic suicide. See a therapist, get a divorce, figure stuff out. But first, stop being a twit and delete your WYP account because your online presence is ruining lives.

If you’re more like Melissa desperately seeking a good guy, realize that you aren’t going to find him on a site that turns you into an object. A person’s value is not determined by money. Also, maybe take a writing or grammar class to appear more articulate.

Bottom line: MySpace Prostitute is not generous or attractive.


P.S. If you can handle it, check out this profile. Shocking, yes. Funny, kind of. Unique, absolutely.


8 Responses to …about WhatsYourPrice.com

  1. bethro says:

    I am SO glad you didn’t post my profile.

  2. bethG says:

    Arg, Melissa, it’s “discreet.” Not discrete like the mathematics… bad grammar makes my eyes bleed.

  3. Trinette says:

    WHAT!??? There are no words…

  4. Courtney says:

    I’ve been trying to come up with a comment since I read this… I am just stunned.

  5. Blawn Blocktea says:

    So everyone fall into either category? So basically, “Generous” = Ugly people and “Attractive” = less ugly but poor.

  6. JR says:

    I actually think this is a wonderful start. If we kind find a sneaky way of destroying every profile creator’s reproductive system, I think this website is really on to something.

  7. Catie says:

    Um, I think I still can’t believe this site exists and I’m too scared to actually check it out….because it is real. Weirdos and freaks.

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