…rules to follow when living with others (married version)

Rule Number One is don’t post their foibles to your blog

Phil’s Foibles

Talking in his sleep (and also being a nerd)

In the third year of Phil’s journey to PhD-dom, I woke up one night to hear “You’ve got to put the error bar on the chart.” I come awake pretty quickly so I had time to hear the whole thing. I turned to him, thought about what he said and articulately inquired “what?” He repeated, slowly, as though I were an idiot, “You’ve GOT to put an ERROR BAR on the chart!” I thought again. Asked, “what?” He rolled over (which for Phil means sitting halfway up and throwing himself back down) and said with disgust “never mind.”

The next morning I told him of our conversation. He thought it was funny. Mostly he thought it was funny because, remembering his dream, he realized “an error bar wouldn’t even go on that kind of chart.”

Lack of full-grown-man hair

In addition to only needing to shave every two-to-three days, Phil has some strange spottiness when it comes to body hair. For example, the other day he walked out of the bathroom in his towel and asked me “when did I grow a hair bikini?” I looked, and lo and behold, there were two patches of hair over his skinny man boobs and one “strap” coming up from each and almost reaching his collar bone.

Almost maternal love for his cat

There is not much to say here except that Phil is a grown man who acts as though his cat is his baby.

Rule Number Two is never make public sleeping pictures of your spouse without asking.

Rule Number Three is I love you, sweetie.


2 Responses to …rules to follow when living with others (married version)

  1. MM Mim says:

    I think you’ve got some ‘splainin’ to do.

  2. JR says:

    Shalalalalalalala don’t be shy.

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