…rules to follow when living with others

Over the years, I’ve learned a lot about living with others. And, I’m sure my roommates^ have learned valuable lessons through the Ashley Experience. I’m fairly laid back, but certain things freak. me. out.

As a Libra and general believer in justice, sharing household chores is a must. It’s not fair for one person to always take out the trash or clean the toilet. If everyone uses something, everyone should participate in sanitizing it. In college, one of my roommates always made tuna sandwiches and left globs of mayonnaise on the counter. We’re not friends anymore.


One of my biggest grievances is a dirty kitchen sink. I read that the kitchen sink contains more germs than any other household fixture – more than the shower, more than the garbage can, more than the poopy toilet. DISLIKE. So, when I see dishes piled up in the kitchen sink, I automatically tally up who they belong to and passive aggressively mention them. I do it often, and I don’t do it subtly. A lot of the time, I end up washing the dishes and disinfecting the sink just for peace of mind. But, it really annoys me.

Another super gnarly situation is when your roommate has “overnight guests” (I chose the classy route here, folks). Walls are not soundproof. I don’t want to hear anyone’s weird sex noises EVER. In the best case scenario you sound hushed like you’re trying to be discreet (impossible – I know what’s going on just like in the 2nd grade when someone farts, the whole class inevitably knows who did it) and in the worst case I can make out every detail (you might as well write a freaking instructional manual while you’re at it).

My last issue involves privacy. Don’t use my stuff. Don’t look at my stuff. Don’t even think about my stuff. It’s MY STUFF.

As you can see, I’m a very easygoing roommate. I don’t demand very many things, and I never overreact.


^Please note this list constitutes roommates from the ages of 17 forward and does not necessarily apply to my present living situation.

Half Woon Bay (inside joke - shout out to Leanna!)

My current friend/roommate/landlord (in that order) laughs at all of my jokes and buys me ice cream when I’m sad, so clearly it’s not ALL bad. 🙂


9 Responses to …rules to follow when living with others

  1. Beth says:

    You minx

  2. Michael MacDonald says:

    Are you doing another Sun Drop commercial?

  3. Patty says:

    LOL re the shout out to Leanna. Dinner soon?

  4. Courtney says:

    Is that your sink? It’s disgusting. When the dishes get that high how do you rinse them? Ahhhh. I don’t think you can say you took the classy road in a post that says weird sex noises.

  5. bethG says:

    You -absolutely- kill me.

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