April 2011 Fan of the Month

I am taking Ashley’s usual place to tell you that April’s fan of the month is…

MM Mim.

MM Mim is my mom, and we call her Mim because she is the magnificent


mad mad mad mad

madame Mim.

She is the fan of the month because of the random number generator (Ashley’s hat or spreadsheet) but she deserves to be fan of the month for the following reasons.

  • She gave birth to me
  • She has a Devon Rex named Freda who is all personality
  • She reads the blog religiously and always comments – even on the posts others ignore

Congrats, Mimbly! Enjoy your month.


4 Responses to April 2011 Fan of the Month

  1. MM Mim says:

    I’d like to thank the Academy…

    Seriously, a great honor. I’m humbled. I hope first for world peace and then that I can be a shining example of the benefits of commenting to the world and that some day some future MM Mim will be inspired by my lofty achievement today.

    I thank you.
    Freda thanks you.
    My little mother would thank you but she doesn’t know what a blog is.

    (Cue music, go to commercial)

  2. I always wondered what MM Mim meant. Congrats Mimbly! (I apologize if that is too familiar a term for me to use, but Beth did it first.)

  3. M M Mim says:

    She IS a model.

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