March 2011 Fan of the Month

Okay, so…oops! Sorry that it’s taken me soooooooo long to post this, but it has zero reflection on my feelings for March’s winner: Michael MacDonald!

Learn more about Apraxia - a cause close to Mike's heart.

I first met Mike about a year ago at the Dojo. We both enrolled in the Ultimate Body Challenge (UBC) – a  10 week course designed to promote health through kickassness. Without getting too much into it, he basically beat me, so I kind of hate him for that. BUT, I kind of love him for making my name into an acronym [taken from my personal e-mail]:

Hard working

I AM a stylish lunge-aholic, and I’m glad someone finally recognized it. Mike is a great guy, a loving father and an inspirational teammate. Thanks for reading Big Mike! I’m taking a sip of the Kool-Aid for you. 🙂


P.S. Look for my regularly scheduled Monday post tomorrow.


One Response to March 2011 Fan of the Month

  1. sflongie says:

    Thank you Ashley. what an honor to be honored by a stylish lunge-aholic with a masters in Kickassness. Thank you a second time for promoting Apraxia-Kids. Love yours and Beth’s blogs. Keep on being the Bad ass that you are.


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