…about optimists, realists, and pessimists

I spent last evening writing a well-thought-out, lengthy post about this topic. It explained how all three categories of people are wrong. It had words I’d just coined (moptimists=mistaken optimists).

I just logged in to do a final proofread and add a picture. Turns out my post didn’t save. Now I should start over. Instead I am going to be brief and go have a beer. The highlights from yesterday’s lost thoughts:

Point 1: Optimists are most annoying when they claim to be optimists but really mean “I don’t want to listen to your problems so instead of lending a friendly ear I will annoyingly point out why you shouldn’t be upset, even though my words cannot control the reality that something happened to upset you and you would be better served by just having a sympathetic nod.”

Point 2: People who claim to be realists most often are just mean. They hardly ever are realistic about nice things. They mostly want to tell you what is wrong with you.

Point 3: Pessimists are so invested in being pessimists it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.

And no picture.


3 Responses to …about optimists, realists, and pessimists

  1. M M Min says:

    ‘Nuff said.

    • bethro says:

      I take it that means you agree. You know, although I didn’t go into it, I coined the term “moptimist” for the person you live with. And I don’t mean Freda.

  2. JR says:

    My real concern is that if the glass drops below 50 mph then a bomb on the glass is going to explode.

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