…10 things you may not know about my co-blogger

(I am writing this before I see Ashley’s so that if there are crossovers, I come by them honestly and also don’t have to think of others because she already mentioned them.)

10 things about Ashley*

  1. She gave Beth Ball its name. Beth Ball is a fun word game Phil and I play a lot. It’s good for anywhere, anytime. This is how you play Beth Ball:
  2. Say a two-or-three-word phrase. The next person says a two-or-three-word phrase starting with the second word of your phrase. And so on. Example:

    P1: Alphabet Soup

    P2: Soup to nuts

    P1(or P3): Nuts to that

    P2: That’s a wrap

    And so on. The rules are very loose, but there are a few ironclad ones. No phrases of the same word (e.g., andale, andale) and no repeating a phrase twice in one game.

    There is no winning and no point to the game. The game starts whenever someone starts.

  3. She could Tae Bo your ass to next week.
  4. She is a picky eater (if you know her in person and not just on the internet, you definitely know this about Ashley)
  5. Her nickname is Timmons.
  6. She is a charitable gal who has volunteered for Habitat for Humanity a number of times (I wonder what Natasha is wondering. (inside joke, apologies))
  7. She invented the worm club. Here is the story of the worm club:
  8. Once upon a time there was a young princess named Ashley. She wanted to have an inside club to which she controlled admittance. And so she invented the worm club. Girls who wanted to be in the worm club had to find and hold a worm at recess. Ashley specified the time the worm must be held to gain entrance to the club. Ashley never had to hold a worm as president of the worm club. The end.

  9. She races motorcycles on the weekends.
  10. She is not subtle or shy. I think she may be the only person who ever told me I needed a haircut.
  11. She laughs a lot. At you, with you, doesn’t matter. Just a lot.
  12. She is remarkably self-aware.

I don't have a picture of Ashley, so here is an artist's rendering.

*one is a lie. You decide which one.


13 Responses to …10 things you may not know about my co-blogger

  1. JR says:

    Oh my goodness it’s interactive. I’m going to eliminate 1 and 4, because I think I remember you saying “Timmons named Beth Ball” at some point.

    7 is too obviously out of place, and Ashley seems like an out of place person, so I think that is not the answer.

    While I don’t doubt she could kick my ass to next week, I’m not sure it would be Tae Bo’ing my ass to next week, but I’m going to leave it.

    I’m going to say she is not a picky eater.

  2. Courtney says:

    I think it’s the racing motorcycles that’s not true. Also, she can definetely kick someone to next week. I know she could do it to me, but she won’t since I’m her sister (at least that’s what I’m counting on.)

    • bethro says:

      I don’t think you took a careful look at the artist’s rendering. That lady would kick anyone’s behin – even a sister.

      • Courtney says:

        Good point. The picture is frightful and amazing at the same time. The best part was the speech bubble.

  3. That artist is a genius. Best picture that I’ve ever seen of me.

  4. M M Mim says:

    I’m going with 7.

    • JR says:

      I think she does race motorcycles. I just think it’s not that she races on a motorcycle herself.

      I think when she is walking down the street in Ashland, and sees a motorcycle (at a red light, stop sign, or otherwise parallel to her), she runs as fast as she can in an attempt to race the motorcycle. There you have it, Ashley “triangle dress” Timmons races motorcycles.

  5. bethG says:

    I’m going to have to nominate #7. RE: #8 Wow, she really is brave, to be so critical of BethRo. Regarding #6, that only makes me wish I had met Ashley when I was a kid and we had gone to school together, that would have been so fun. Alas.

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