10 things you may not know about my co-blogger

Enjoy these lesser known facts about Beth. All true.

10: Like me, she is the middle child in her family. As such, Beth excels at both blending in and sticking out. Typical to middle childom, she is the most attractive offspring.

9: She makes real homemade food. When she hosted a slumber party, she created pizza from scratch. And, I don’t  mean Boboli crust. She literally mixed, kneaded and baked pizza dough.

Beth's chicken & pesto pizza.

8: Beth is super picky about her eyebrows. She has a very clear vision of how they should look.

7: She’s like fer sher smarter than me. When I took a grammar class last year (NERD ALERT), she was the only one who explained sentence labeling in a reasonable way.

6: If you were stranded on a desert island with her, yarn and knitting needles, you would survive. She can make any garment. Also, you can use the needles to capture food and the yarn as fishing wire.

5: The big balls on Wipeout have always and will always provide her with endless entertainment.


4: She gives honest, frank opinions such as, “You are a little like Frankenstein’s monster. But a hotter version” and “I think the Romans probably threw a classy orgy.”

3: Her preferred social media site is Twitter, but you can not follow her. Her tweets are private ensuring that only the most exclusive VIPs benefit from her wit. On the contrary, I am a Twhore (follow me: http://twitter.com/ashmerica).

2: The first time Beth met her future husband, she wasn’t a fan.

She changed her mind.

1: Her favorite song is “There’s a Place in France.”



17 Responses to 10 things you may not know about my co-blogger

  1. bethro says:


  2. JR says:

    Oh boy, so much to say.

    10. Laughable

    8. Actually didn’t know that.

    6. Yes but all the first tries would come out miniature.

    5. I think maybe she first watched Wipeout when staying with me on a visit home from the left side. Or maybe that was Blyle Blowblegian.

    3. I pretty much only have a twitter account as another form of communication when she was in Ashland.

    2. Frenchman.

    1. Wrong! “Top that”

    • bethro says:

      I knew you weren’t going to like that comment about the “most attractive.” Don’t worry, she didn’t say the most girlie.

      It was me. You had it DVRed and we watched it.

      • JR says:

        It’s not about liking it, it’s about factual accuracy and credibility. I have no personal problem with the statment, just concern that the TIT editors are not doing their job and are leaving Ashley in a difficult position. Now when she writes, people just won’t believe her.

        And I’m the most girlie. What of it?

      • We stand by our statements. We have eyes. This, of course, does not mean you are unattractive. Beth is just uber attractive.

      • JR says:

        Obviously, we haven’t met. So I can’t comment on your Eyes/Lack of Eyes/Adequacy of Vision.

        In case you were wondering, yes I normally give everyone I meet vision tests.

    • “Top That” is also a classic, but her most favorite is my rendition of “There’s a Place in France.” You haven’t lived until you’ve experienced it.

      I think CA should be renamed Ashland.

    • bethro says:

      And then Ciara said “You gotta hook it.” And a legend was born.

      • JR says:

        HAHAHAHA. She did say that. But you have to paint a word picture. People were jumping on a slippery slanted surface with anchored pylons. They kept sliding off. Ciara was very, very into it, and while curling her right arm up and moving it forward in a “hooking” motion, she firmly instructed the participants, “You gotta hook it.”

  3. Blawn Blocktea says:

    11. She once slapped a handsome young man out of a dead sleep for no other reason then to ask “Where is Blye Blowblegian?”

  4. bethro says:

    Hey – is “twhore” pronounced “twa-hore,” “twore,” or “thore”?

  5. Blyle Blowblegian says:

    1. JR also introduced me to Wipeout and its big balls, so you’re both right

    2. Phil is french?

    3. Never fall asleep before Blyle Blowblegian

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