…about Lent

I asked Phil what I should say about Lent, and he said:

Lent, the opposite of borrowed

And I said:

That’s not funny. Shut up.

I didn’t really, I just gave him a look that means that. It’s this look:

The Look

Anyway, like Ashley, I also was raised Catholic and went to Catholic school. Unlike Ashley, I don’t intend to give up anything for Lent.

It’s not as though I think I am perfect. It’s just that so many people have so far to go before they catch up with me that it only seems fair to give everyone a few decades of sacrifice and self improvement to even the playing field. To help make this game of life fair, I have compiled a list of items/activities you might want to give up to be more like me.

  • Being ugly
  • Having no admirers/fans (that’s for my “really big fan”; you know who you are)
  • Saying boring things
  • Your ugly baby/husband (wife, if applicable)
  • Soda
  • Choose any or all this Lent and become more JesusBeth-like.*

    Phil gives me The Look after reading the contents of this post.

    *It’s possible this offends someone. I’m not apologizing – just letting you know.


    7 Responses to …about Lent

    1. Maggie says:

      I feel the same way. I’m not perfect, but I am pretty awesome. I give up things for Lent hoping that by depriving myself of some of the things that make me ROCK that others may have a chance to get some of my awesomeness.

    2. JR says:

      I normally don’t give anything up. But this year that all changes. I’m giving up other people being annoying. That way, when anyone annoys me during lent I can yell “YOU CAN’T ANNOY ME I GAVE IT UP FOR LENT STOP BEING ANNOYING!”

      • JR says:

        Also, I missed before where I was fan of the month for February. If you don’t feel like going back and seeing my comment, I will just inform you that I am using “BURRITO BABY!” as my go-to celebretory phrase from now on.

        (I can’t believe neither my sister nor mother let me know I was TITFFOTM)

    3. I keep giving things up to ensure that no one ever catches up to me. I like to win. And, I like it to be by a lot.

      Also, your bangs rock.

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