…about Lent

My parents raised me to be Catholic. I attended private, religious schools from Kindergarten through University. Although I’m not the perfect follower, I attend church on the major religious holidays and generally do my best to follow the church’s doctrines. I have never committed adultery or killed anyone. But, I have sassed my parents. You get the picture.

Lent begins this week. It’s kind of like the Catholic time to make New Year’s Resolutions except you’re supposed to super seriously follow them and make the world a better place while strengthening your spirituality. It’s a time to experience reflection and deprivation. This year, like most years, I intend to give up soda.

40 days has never seemed so long.

As such, I have been drinking unhealthy amounts for the last week. I mostly pound Cokes, but Root Beer and 7-Up have made appearances too. It’s starting to affect me: sugar highs, unquenchable thirst, sleeplessness.

What about you? What’s something you would be willing to temporarily give up?


18 Responses to …about Lent

  1. Courtney says:

    Don’t you give up sweets too?

    • Liz says:

      Do you really want to live 40 days/nights in Ashley’s vicinity when she’s given up soda AND chocolate?!?!? None of us want that. It’s possible that could be what starts WWIII

  2. Beth says:

    I’d never give up you. That’s all I know.

  3. M M Mim says:

    Can I use one of the food groups I’ve been forced to give up because of a bad stomach? Don’t answer that, I know I can’t. I also went to catholic school.

    What will I give up? Can I get back to you on that? It’s only Fat Tuesday.

  4. Maggie says:

    As a LCMS Lutheran (think Catholic light), I too follow the observance of Lent. This year, I’m going to give up carbohydrates. On one hand, I’m going to be as mad as a bear with a mouthful of hornets because I LOVE BREAD! On the other hand, at the end of 40 days without carbs, I could be thinner.

  5. Trinette says:

    I’m trying to figure that out myself. I have already given up so much being pregnant that it’s hard to think of something else to sacrifice. Michelle says I’m exempt this year….what do you think?

    • There is an obvious solution here. Make Pablo give up 2 things. After all, you are carrying his child. He can carry your sins for 40 days.

      • bethG says:

        hilarious. i just saw easter candy (I was in “town” for a mtg today) and realized I dunno when Easter is. Its only my 2nd week here and I’m already under a rock. What the hell, I’ll give up soda, too, as kyle and i finished off the last pepsi with some rum last night. we shared a 12 oz.

  6. Trinette says:

    Ashley you are a genius!!! I’ll go home right now and give away all his beer muhhahha! If you don’t hear from me tomorrow please call for help 😉

  7. Michael MacDonald says:

    Wow you all are a lot stinger than I am. what I am giving up for lent is……..Guilt

    I promise not to feel guilty for anything I do or anyone I offend. I know this may upset family, friends and co workers but I can get over this by not caring. I hope this doesn’t mean I have to give up my guilty pleasures or does it ?

  8. Jennifer Rowell says:

    I have noticed a distinct lack of gas emitting from Ash at Glow since she gave up sodas- we all appreciate her sacrifice

  9. […] few weekends ago my family and I celebrated Easter. (Yes, I did enjoy drinking Coke again.) In typical Summers fashion, we reminisced about past holidays and traditions.  As […]

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