…about spaghetti sandwiches

Hello TIT-o-philes. It is everyone’s favorite Bethro here. Ashley is gallivanting around and couldn’t post today, so we are switching days (see historical precedent here).

I’m taking this opportunity to share a new recipe with the world. A recipe my husband says he would make often as a child. This is a delightful item for the gourmands called a spaghetti sandwich.

To make a spaghetti sandwich you take leftover spaghetti with sauce, put it between two slices of bread, and eat it.

Sometimes, says Phil, you skip the bread.

There are a lot of things I could say about the concept of spaghetti sandwiches, but I think I’ll pick just one (and I’m not touching the “skip the bread” notion).



3 Responses to …about spaghetti sandwiches

  1. Vanillis (Phil’s people) have interesting rituals.

  2. M M Mim says:

    What’s the side dish? Something raw?

  3. […] here’s the thing, I had no idea that spaghetti sandwiches existed until Beth suggested it as a TIT. Then I was like, why did Philli Vanilli (Beth’s husband) eat them as a child? I can’t […]

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