…about dry elbows and/or heels

Ashley waxed passionate about dry heels in public. I would like to share my thoughts (stream of consciousness style – and no pics*) on dry elbows in private.

When my elbows are dry, I should lotion them. I should just lotion them no matter what. Then they won’t get dry.

Why is this so hard to remember? Why do elbows get so dry?

Why should I care about a part of my body I can’t see without a mirror or a periscope?

The word elbow even sounds bendy.

Elbows become discolored if not taken care of – as far as I can tell, this is true no matter where your ancestors are from. Or am I unaware of some magical race of peoples with perfect elbows?

Do dude’s elbows get less dry than those of ladies? Why do dudes never have dry elbows?

Cats don’t have elbows exactly. They have these backwards knee/elbows combo dealy.

My elbows grown even less attractive the older I get. Especially when dry.


*But at least it is not a nasty picture of a nasty body part, as in Ashley’s post.


One Response to …about dry elbows and/or heels

  1. M M Mim says:

    Thank you for sparing us the pictures. Elbows wear out and we just have to deal with it. Sorry.

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