…about dry elbows and/or heels

Feel free to excuse yourself to vomit. The post will still be here when you get back.

Dry heels gross me out.  It’s worse during the summer when everyone wears flip flops. Then I actually have to see layer upon layer upon layer of dried up dead skin.  It’s a human’s cocoon but instead of an exquisite butterfly emerging, we’re left with the carcass. Not only does it look unappealing, but it repulses people. Imagine you’re in bed with cold feet and put them on your bf/hb/fiance/one-night-stand (potential post here, no?) to warm up. He pushes you away. GASPrejection! But it’s not you that disgusts him; he just does not want to sleep with sand paper. Instead of complaining about this nastastic epidemic, I will offer you some helpful tips on how to remain soft, smooth and ungross.

First, exfoliate your feet AT LEAST once a week. It’s really not that difficult. You can use a pumice stone or ridged file to help remove the hard skin that builds up around your heels.

This is a great foot file made by Diamancel.

Second, remember to moisturize, moisturize, moisturize!!! Use a heavy cream on your feet. It doesn’t have to be uber expensive, it just needs to hydrate. I typically slather on lotion and let it soak in a good 5 minutes before walking around. What’s the point of moisturizing if it rubs off onto the floor?

Before bed, apply a lotion or cream with lactic acid to break up dead skin cells while you sleep. Wear socks for maximum absorption.

Third, invest in monthly pedicures. Sigh. The burden!

Remember, it’s not just vanity that requires you to maintain beautiful feet. It’s a common courtesy to your shoes.



4 Responses to …about dry elbows and/or heels

  1. Courtney says:

    That picture was gross. The pumice looks nice. Where’s it from?

  2. […] dry elbows and/or heels Ashley waxed passionate about dry heels in public. I would like to share my thoughts (stream of consciousness style – and no pics*) on dry […]

  3. Trinette says:

    Yea, that picture will be haunting me for a while. I hate feet in general but that is just wrong!

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