…about dating

The following count as dates when you have a baby


Remember to use birth control

  1. Driving in the car together with a sleeping baby.
  2. A passing ass-grab.
  3. The hour between when the baby is finally asleep and before you pass out from exhaustion.
  4. Any time you manage to put on lipstick and brush your hair.
  5. If you get to sleep in the same bed for more than two hours.
  6. Drinking. Any time, not going out for drinks.
  7. Any drinks.

  8. Phone conversations.
  9. Discussions about current events.

4 Responses to …about dating

  1. If “a passing ass-grab” is a date, I date even more than I realized.

  2. JR says:

    That’s a date? Funny, after my board meeting this evening I was at Elephant and Castle. Some woman walked by and put one hand on my shoulder and one on my ass. Then she stopped, stood face to face with me, paused, and then said “oh excuse me”. Am I married to her?

    • bethro says:

      You have it backwards. When you have a baby that counts, but that happening doesn’t mean you have a baby (or that you are married, which is not mentioned).

      I’m disappointed. I know you had to know that distinction for the LSAT.

      Also, if it was Ciara. Yes, you are married to her.

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