…while driving

Here is a story of something that happened while I was driving.

When I was about seven months pregnant with my little barnacle (then a parasite only), Phil and I drove from California to Massachusetts.  We brought our cats with us.

My cat, Pan, is a delightful, cuddly, easy-going kind of cat. She may not be, shall we say, always the cleverest or the most-able-to-not-fall-off-tables-est, but what she lacks in wits, she makes up for in purrs. She was a very good kitty on the drive, as she is always.


Sometimes Pan sleeps in awkward spots.


Phil also has a cat: Toby. Toby is a lot of good things. And also she is crazy. She did not like being put in her cat carrier. We ended our trip with many gouges. And many days, especially in mountains or at any elevation above sea level, Toby told us “mrrrwowww.” Often Pan would respond with her pathetic “mew” after Toby expressed her displeasure. As we crossed Arizona, I looked back to reassure our little ones and I saw this.

Toby, Houdini, whatever

And, always having an excellent presence of mind, I said “Phil! Phil! Help! Toby’s getting out of her carrier!”

So we pulled over. We shoved her back in. We safety pinned the top. We went back on our way. In a little while, I looked back and I saw.

Yes, this is the same picture. Not only because I only have one, but also to convey the deja vu feeling in the car.

And then I said “Phil! Toby’s out of her carrier again! What if she gets stuck with the safety pins!” So we pulled over and did some fancy maneuvering to keep her  carrier closed. And then we got back on the highway. And Phil pounded on the steering wheel and said,

“Toby. You are such a NAUGHTY cat.”

And then that night we sewed the top of her carrier closed and only used the front entrance for her.




6 Responses to …while driving

  1. Philly V says:

    I still believe it. She is a VERY NAUGHTY cat.

  2. JR says:

    California drivers are the worst.

  3. My favorite thing here is your caption for the duplicate picture. Also, I worry about Phil’s dangerous outburst of rage. He needs to calm down, he’s so angry.

  4. M M Mim says:

    I’ll say this for Tobes. I never had a chance to get to know her or even see her during all my visits to her house, some lasting several days. However, when she realizes I’m with the barnacle, she usually keeps careful watch even when she has to expose herself to the light and my line of vision.

    Tobey the Naughty/Nanny cat.

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