…about random ass women’s clothes & accessories (RAWC&A): Go Girl

There are a lot of random ass women’s clothes and accessories on the market. In fact, we’ve been inundated with requests for posts about them (by inundated I mean three). So instead of a one night stand, we’re committing to random ass women’s clothes & accessories like a relationship. As such, we will talk about them from time to time, feature them as the week’s TIT (things I thought) and develop a deep appreciation for them while harboring secret resentment.

This week, I have chosen to honor a friend straight from her weekend trip to the Narcotics Anonymous convention and feature GoGirl.

Yep, it's basically a funnel.

According to the company’s website, “GoGirl is the way to stand up to crowded, disgusting, distant or non-existent bathrooms.  It’s a female urination device (sometimes called a FUD) that allows you to urinate while standing up. It’s neat. It’s discreet. It’s hygienic.”

Wow. I mean, really?!? First off, I have no desire to stand up to bathrooms. I would much rather stand up to perverts who use the term FUD and consumers who purchase the GoGirl. Secondly, all women across the world have mastered the Hoversquat and manage just fine. It’s not necessarily the most comfortable position, but it works the glutes while eliminating the waste. Thirdly, what is neat and/or discreet about a hot pink urine funnel? Lastly, and most importantly…EWW. Just eww.

Apparently, GoGirl is reusable and portable. Because that’s exactly what I want: to pee into a medical grade silicone tool and then carry it around in my purse. The website also gives instructions for using GoGirl: “GoGirl is easy to use. Just lower your panties, and put GoGirl against your body. Aim…” Wait, are we still talking about FUDs here?

I personally like sitting down. It rests my feet.

And if you’re not horrified yet, this should do it, “Once you practice a time or two, using a GoGirl is going to feel like second nature. You won’t be like a man. You’ll just pee like one.” Too. Much. Information. And, no thank you.



10 Responses to …about random ass women’s clothes & accessories (RAWC&A): Go Girl

  1. Trinette says:

    I’m just imagining women coming out of the bathroom and washing that thing out in the sink so they can put it back in their purse. EW is right!!! And, isn’t Go Girl an energy drink as well? I think these two are linked in some sort of marketing scam!

    • You’re right! It is also an energy drink that contains a “mild appetite suppressant.” So, the moral of the story is anything that has GoGirl in the title wants us to suffer from unfavorable parts of both sexes (dieting and peeing standing up).

  2. beth g says:

    HEY, this really would have come in handy lately, because I have had to go to a doctor and pee in a cup 3 times in the past month. It’s something I still have not completely mastered. It is always a challenge. Furthermore, as a park ranger having to hike and camp all the time, this could come in handy… i just dunno how the carrying it around part works.

  3. Anonymous says:

    That is soooo disgusting. Ewww.

  4. bethro says:

    I don’t know what you all are fussing about. My GoGirl almost never gets pee in my purse.

  5. Michael MacDonald says:

    Now all women across the world will be able to write their names in the snow!!!!!!
    Don’t forget to shake.

  6. Catie says:

    OMG. WTF.
    Although, I’ll have to agree with Beth that it would be useful in doctors offices for peeing in cups. But disposable. And for that use only. I can’t believe this exists!!

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