…when caught in a lie

I don’t blatantly lie very often.  In fact, there are only a very few instances in which I went out of my way to lie.  One involved making up an entire Buddhist worship complex.  That’s another story.

Though I don’t “lie” per se, I have a habit of telling half-truths.  I’ll reveal just enough information to keep it the truth but keep the details hidden for the reasons all of us do – self-preservation, protection and just plain selfishness.

All deception is deliberate, so it takes some planning.  Before the implantation of edited information, I wonder how much I can spill without consequences.  Does he need to know exactly who is going to the party or is “just some friends” sufficient?  If the original plan was to meet at Erin’s house and changed to meeting at Erin’s hotel room in Las Vegas, who does that really affect besides me?  What is the big difference between coming home at 11pm and 5am?  Late works just fine…

Now I’m going to give you some spectacularly bad advice.  If you tell half-truths you can NOT think about how you would react if you were the one being duped.  It absolutely will make you feel guilty and prevent you from participating in this highly manipulative form of dishonesty.

Looks like someone (me) is getting into trouble.

I’ve become so accomplished at telling half-truths that I give them almost instantly.  Does that make me a sociopath?  Maybe.  Does it make me smarter than you?  Probably.  

And, if you’re ever caught in a lie, remember to find out how much the accuser knows before you confess everything.  Then, admit that part and continue fabricating the rest of the event.



6 Responses to …when caught in a lie

  1. Trinette says:

    This picture could not be more perfect for the awesome post! I’m all for half truths, unless you are telling one to me lol!

  2. bethro says:

    I think we need a week of posts from you based on your “that’s another story” mentions.

  3. Courtney says:

    You also forgot to mention the looks you give people. You make them feel like the “bad” one for questioning you about things. Also, more details on this buddhist thing please.

  4. Jean says:

    I used to listen to Love Line growing up and they had this saying: “Less history, more mystery.” The more I get to know you, the more I realize you are the epitome of this motto. And that’s a good thing 🙂

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