New Year, Stuff

Ashley has big plans for the blog.

Let me tell you something, though, I’m not Ashley. Here are the things I have in store for you this year.

  1. I promise to coast on Ashley’s ideas.
  2. I promise to continue to tell you what I think with very little self-editing.
  3. I promise to continue to be very good looking.
  4. I promise I am not a robot.

That’s it. That’s all I can do. Happy New Year.


(yes: this good looking)


6 Responses to New Year, Stuff

  1. Jean says:

    cute haircut!

  2. I laughed really hard when I read this. Like as in actual LOL laughing not the “LOL” people write when they have nothing else to say. For example, “I’m at work. lol.” That isn’t even funny. Also, I think you are a robot. How else can you be THAT good looking?

  3. JR says:

    I’m pretty sure that’s the face Milo makes when Ciara holds him standing up and facing because “he likes to look at me.”

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