New Year, New Stuff

I celebrated the New Year in style.  To be more specific, I got hit in the face by a plastic garbage bag filled with someone else’s vomit.  It was magical, and it inspired me to strive for such magnificence in the year ahead.  So, look forward to these nuggets of newness:

Expect more electrifying graphics like this.

  • Video Blogs: I received a FlipCam from Santa.  It’s not the men that I asked for, but I do see potential in it.  You will watch me in various situations and wonder, ‘what made her this way,’ and then be thankful you don’t have the answer.
  • Fan appreciation: Beth and I want to reward our loyal readers.  Every month we will choose a “fan” based on the following criteria: 1) comments you leave on our posts, 2) subscription activation and 3) how much we like you.^  Each chosen fan will receive public recognition on our blog.  AND, all recognized fans will be entered to win a quarterly prize.  WOOT!  (We are accepting prize donations.)
  • Polls: We strive to entertain you.  So, once we figure out how to insert polls into our posts, we implore you vote for which topic you’d most like to read our thoughts on.  We always welcome your original ideas too!

Look, it's a blond new me too!


^Please note that how much we like you varies from day-to-day and is subject to change.  Also, just because we know you doesn’t mean we like you.


8 Responses to New Year, New Stuff

  1. Beth says:

    That did NOT happen. Did it? Do you live in a sitcom? Where were you? If someone commented about bums and eating off them, I think I know where you were and am not surprised by the bag of vomit.

  2. Oh, it happened alright! I don’t live in a sitcom, but I am using the new FlipCam to document my life in hopes of being offered an E! reality show.

  3. Patty says:

    Ok, don’t forget in addition to the gross vomit bag…you did get to play Just Dance! I still can’t believe you got hit with a bag of vomit. So gross!

  4. Trinette says:

    I ran screaming before I got the bag in the face. I would have vomited all over said bag thrower if I had been hit! Guess I’ll have to get better at comments and not just secretly stalking…

  5. Michael MacDonald says:

    Ashley I’ll be happy to donate a Spoonula towards your quarterly prize fund,that and a box of dramamine. Keep the blogs coming they are great. Have you ever looked closely at the word Dramamine. hmmmm

  6. Lorna says:

    Pick me,Pick me!! I’ve got credentials. For example, I con-sponsored the Beth and Bro trip to Disney one brilliant New Years Eve. Also, I didn’t stand near her as I rocked to the Teen Idol Tour performance that night. That should win me something.

    PS, sorry about the vomit. Where on earth are they serving bags of vomit on special occasions?

  7. Courtney says:

    That is so gross about the vomit bag, yuck. I’m excited to see what this flip cam can do.

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