…about Santa’s reindeer

Gentle Readers,

Though it be Monday, you are currently reading a post from Beth and not Ashley. Our fair-haired heroine has received an injury to her typing hand. I will let her provide you with the details, should she desire, but will give you a hint about what has happened. It has involved all of the following.

  • Burning building
  • Babies
  • Saving the world
  • Sexy dancing

Please try to console yourselves with my post in her absence. She promises to post on Thursday. That is, of course, if she makes it out of the dungeon where she is shackled to the wall by a nefarious misanthrope.

Yours in shared concern,



Questions I Have About Santa’s Reindeer

1) How can they fly? Were they born magic or made magic? Or maybe all reindeer can fly and I just don’t know it?

2) Can they mate with other reindeer or just each other? If the latter, how do they prevent genetic abnormalities from inbreeding?

3) Are regular deer jealous of them?

4) Are they worried about the commercialization of Christmas?

5) Are they well-compensated? What is their retirement plan like? Did they lose a lot when the stock market crashed?

6) Does Santa ever ride them singly?

If you know the answer to any of these questions, please supply them here.


7 Responses to …about Santa’s reindeer

  1. Lorna says:

    Regular deer are very happy not to be involved in the Christmas Eve rat-race. Also, they think elves are creepy.

  2. bethrodio says:

    This is phil not beth, but I’m too lazy to log out…Xmas reindeer can mate with other reindeer, but you’re only a flying reindeer if your mother was a flying reindeer.

  3. Jean says:

    Also, do they have extraordinary mental powers like Rain Man? Oh wait, that’s a different spelling. Obviously not!

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