…about Thanksgiving

Pilgrims v. Beth
  • Had successfully settled in a new world, weathering a dangerous sea voyage, harsh weather, and the uncertainty of a new agricultural climate.
  • Opened arms to a new people, creating trade that benefited both sides and taught and were taught new ways to live.
  • Made friends with Squanto, showing more acceptance than future settlers would.
  • Fled religious persecution, keeping sacred a system of beliefs through sacrifice and strong conviction.
  • Feasted for three days on large quantities of harvested food with the satisfaction of having grown or raised everything themselves.
  • Celebrated the first Thanksgiving to celebrate a good year and reach out to Massasoit and his tribe.
  • Successfully made a cross-country trip in a comfy new sedan with many snacks. Weathered the difficulty of not being able to eat too much beef jerky because it hurts her jaw.
  • Learned how to use WordPress.
  • Does not like making new friends.
  • Has not been to church in years, but still really likes the smell of temple incense. That’s kind of religious.
  • Regularly overeats.
  • Will celebrate her 31st Thanksgiving because she can eat much comfort food and also her family will watch the baby while she gorges.

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